2016 Exhibitors & Performers

4-H Science on the Move (4-H Science)

4-H Science on the Move- bringing science and technology education resources to your community! Come make a paper rocket and explore the physics of motion with the Rocket Design Challenge and Motion Commotion! 

Accelerate Learning (Accelerate Learning - STEMscopes)

Accelerate Learning, in conjunction with Rice University, has created the most widely used PreK-12 science curriculum in Texas, STEMscopes™—and it’s now available nationally.

Building Today for Tomorrow (AIA Charleston)

Meet several architects from the architecture and construction industry. See physical models of buildings and plan to build your own building models first hand!

STEAM Robotics in Upper Elementary (Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary STEAM Robotics Team)

ARCAE STEAM Robotics where Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Math come together through exploration & play.

Berkeley County School District

Berkeley County School District

DreamLearners (Boeing)

What makes and airplane fly?



Robotics, coding, STEM fun, and more at camp STEM (Camp STEM)

Visit the camp STEM booth. The booth will take students through a roller coaster of cool activities. Come play with some of th latest technology available.

Carolina Studios

Participants are able to write lyrics, put them to beat and record their own CD.

Come Fly with Us! (Challenger Learning Center of Richland County School District One)

The Challenger Learning Center of Richland County School District One is an aeronautics and space-themed educational program designed to provide interactive learning experiences, integrating science and math curricula with information and technology.

Charleston Charter School for Math & Science

Robots, Charleston Charter School loves STEM!
Join Charleston Charter School for Math & Science teachers & students as we discover science, technology, engineering & math through mini labs, activities and investigations through out the day.

Charleston Charter School for Math & Science: Project Lead the Way Engineering- Simple Circuits
Ever played Frogger on bananas or music on a piano you drew yourself? Come build a simple circuit, connect to the world and start inventing the future.

To Nature And Beyond (Charleston Collegiate School)

 Charleston Collegiate School faculty will be showcasing the interactive project-based learning that takes place within the classroom. From local ecology to 3D Printing, come experience what a CCS education has to offer

Wind tube! Create, fly and learn about moving air. (Charleston County Public Library)

Learn about the effects moving air has on objects. Create your own flying object and test it in our wind tube.  

STEM Opportunities in Charleston County School District (Charleston County School District)

Providing a STEM trained workforce involves the entire community. Engaging students in STEM begins at an early age. CCSD STEM focused schools provide the initial spark and support for this community focused goal.

Charleston Southern University

Hack A Game
Learn how to modify a computer game source code to pass a level.

How Do Bugs Walk on Water?
How Do Bugs Walk on Water? Answer: Surface Tension! Bugs or other small insects are able to walk on water due to water’s property of surface tension which is a result of Hydrogen Bonds.

Probability, Predictions, and M&M’s!
We will use M&M’s to determine the validity of a sample size. How many bags of M&M’s do we need to observe before being able to make predictions about other bags?

Scribble Bots and Circuitry (Children's Museum of the Lowcountry)

Join the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry as we use simple DC motors, batteries, recycled materials, and markers to build Scribble Bots! The Bots will create unique artwork based on your design. Explore and manipulate the bot design to change the patterns in your masterpiece!

4-H Grows Here (Clemson Extension 4-H Youth Development)

The slogan “Learn by Doing” comes to life with 4-H’s hands on activities in 6 focus areas: Agriculture / Animals, Healthy Lifestyles, Leadership / Citizenship, Natural Resources, Personal Development, and Science / Engineering / Technology.

Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI)

Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI)

Cougars STEM Den (College of Charleston Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math)

Join us for an exciting day of science exploration. We will examine rocks, fossils and extinct animals that roamed the region; we will build houses and to see how they stand up during an earthquake, like the quake here in Charleston in 1886; we will investigate our coastlines and how they are changing; we will investigate energy, electricity, magnetism and optics; and finally we will explore sustainability, computer science and space science.

Science Magic Show (College of Charleston)

The performance is STEM related as it involves presenting a variety of science demonstrations (acid-base indicator experiments, density demonstrations, color changing reactions, dry ice experiments) in a fun, exciting show.

STEM in Sailing (College of Charleston Sailing)

This program will have STEM modules which apply to sailing as well as have a sailboat on site for on the water outings.

Dorchester School District Two

Dorchester School District Two

EdVenture Children's Museum

EdVenture Children’s Museum

Rockets and Slime and Bubbles, Oh my! (Engaging Creative Minds)

Come explore and create with ECM as you make rockets, slime and bubbles from everyday household items.

Bird Beak Buffet(Friends of Coastal SC)

Students will learn about birds that might be seen in the area. They will also learn about bird beak adaptations and participate in a hands-on activity where they have to choose the best beak!

Density Experiments plus Viewing the Sun Safely (Georgia Tech University)

Visitors will get to perform hands-on experiments to learn about and to change densities of objects. In addition, weather permitting, a telescope will be set up for safely viewing the surface of the Sun.



Marine Touch Tank (Grice Marine Lab, College of Charleston)

Live, local marine animals and fish for examination. Marine Bio Grad students available for Q&A.

Automobiles - A rolling science project (Hendrick AUtomotive Group)

We will display high tech automobiles including electric vehicles and a race car.

Joseph R. Pye Elementary is Full STEAM Ahead (Joseph R. Pye Elementary School)

STEAM minded elementary students will brighten your day with an artistic demonstration and exhibit featuring various Engineering design challenges.

Litter and Marine Debris Exploration (Keep Charleston Beautiful)

The Litter and Marine Debris Exploration Exhibit will provide visitors with an introduction to litter, its source, where it accumulates, its impact on our environments, and allow them to hypothesize about removal solutions. Actual marine debris and litter samples will be present and will engage visitors in exploring animal ingestion and misidentification of litter/marine debris. Our litter entanglement activity will allow visitors to experience what it may be like for animals to become entangled in litter/marine debris, giving them first hand insight into exploring entanglement’s relation to food procurement, predation, and growth restrictions. Additional activities will include exploration of plastics, creating an ocean gyre, and a litter prevalence matching game.



Inspiring the Future of Healthcare through STEM Education (MUSC Gives Back Student Volunteer Program)

MUSC Students will offer hands – on activities to demonstrate to local K-12 students how a STEM education shaped their future healthcare career choice!

What smoking does to My lungs (MUSC Respiratory Therapy)

Let the kids see what happens to the lungs as tobacco stuns the cilia. Why do smokers have the “smokers cough”.

Educational and volunteer opportunities at NOAA/NOS (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Ocean Service)

Join researchers from the local NOAA laboratory for hands-on activities ranging from phytoplankton to marine mammals. Information on educational and volunteer opportunities will also be available.

Palmetto Scholars Academy

The Palmetto Scholars Academy will be highlighting NASA Mission Design, Robotics, CyberPatriot, the Solar System Exploration Program, and our science curriculum. We will have student ambassadors there to share their experiences and their products. We will also have a lego lab where visitors can design the challenge product of the hour.

Patriots Point Flight Academy (Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum)

Come experience the portable version of our state-of-the-art Flight Academy. Take to the skies in a Lockheed Martin F-35 Fighter Jet while learning math and science skills, as well as communication, leadership, and teamwork.

IdeaLab-Where Ideas Come to Light! (Pinewoood Preparatory School)

Pinewood Prep School has unveiled its first year of our Design Engineering class called IdeaLab! This class is offered from Preschool-12th grade. We want to show local families and community members how this class and it’s many implementations have taken our school by storm!

Everything's better with PI (Reforge Charleston)

Showcase of the various uses of Raspberry Pis.

Robert Bosch LLC

The project is in the design phase but will showcase manufacturing assembly/coding process.

Time is Muscle & Brain (Roper St. Francis Healthcare)

The exhibit will allow the students to see how different imaging modalities (CT Scan, MRI & Xray) can help to diagnose a stroke. Additionally, we will show the students how a heart monitor can illustrate the type of rhythm one’s heart is in and how electrical current can be used to “shock” to save a life.

Bristle Bot Races (S2TEM Centers SC)

Build Bristle Bots and race them … keep it if you win.

South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G)

South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G)

Marine Touch Tank (SC Department of Natural Resources)

Come discover the amazing adaptations of the plants and animals that inhabit our estuary! We will have live marine vertebrates and invertebrates from the Charleston Harbor for viewing and touching when safe.

Rip Racin' Robots! (SC Governor's School for Science and Mathematics)

Have you ever wanted to play with remote control robots? Come check out our Arduino robots that you can play with and learn about our summer camp opportunities! We may also have other STEM technologies set up for you to explore.

Come Sea STEM with the South Carolina Aquarium (South Carolina Aquarium)

Learn how the SC Aquarium uses STEM to care for our animals.

From Me to the Sea: The Story of Marine Debris (South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium)

Visit this exhibit to learn about how different types of pollution affect our oceans and how you can help! Take a quiz to test your pollution knowledge for prizes, create artwork out of recycled materials, and explore other marine debris topics with hands-on activities! Interested teams and families can also participate in a group clean-up challenge to collect trash around Brittlebank Park for awards and prizes!

SPAWAR Atlantic STEM Outreach (SPAWAR)

Come and be a SPAWAR engineer for the day and try out our interactive STEM demonstrations. Our goal is to show you that STEM can be not only educational, but fun!

Taste Buddies (Storytree Theatre)

This short play explores the mechanics of tasting in an entertaining and interactive way, including an “experiment” for audience members.

The Exciting World of Raptors (The Center for Birds of Prey)

Learn more about the amazing world of raptors including their function in our environment, their natural history, and the human connection to birds. See a hawk in flight. Explore bioartifacts such as feet wings and feathers.

The Charleston Museum

Explore the wonders of the Lowcountry with The Charleston Museum. Learn about the giants that once ruled the Lowcountry of the past, tiny microscopic creatures inhabiting tidepools today, and the changes in our ecology though time. Using scientific tools, as well as statistical analyses, learn how to interpret and utilize both observational and mathematical data together to get a better understanding of the environment we share.

The Citadel

Mathematics – Games, Indirect Measurement, and Yikes
Mathematics – Games, Indirect Measurement, and Yikes – hands-on probability game, indirect measurement using a hypsometer and clinometer, mathemagic, and amazing mathematical results.

Protozoans on Parade!
Look under the microscope to see living protists swimming in a drop of pond water. Then see if you can identify the protist and the body parts (organelles) they use. Use your new found knowledge to design your own protist.

A Taste of STEM
The STEM Center of Excellence will have demonstrations (and some hands-on activities) representing all STEM disciplines. Come learn what STEM is all about and how to get involved with The Citadel and STEM outreach.

Chemistry Demonstrations
Demonstrations of interesting chemical behavior will be shown and explained by Citadel cadets and faculty.

Physics of Everyday Objects
Attendees will be able to experience optical, mechanical, thermodynamic, mechanical, electrical phenomena by observing and manipulating physics demonstration equipment.

Discover Civil Engineering
Have fun building a bridge and learning about Civil Engineering while playing with K’nex with Students and Faculty from The Citadel Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Citadel Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The Intelligent Ground Vehicle Robot, and various displays and hands on activities for young and old alike.

Water Bottle Rocket Challenge
The driving force behind a rocket launch is the air under pressure. The air that you pump into the bottle compresses, giving you a higher pressure. When the rocket is released the air expands rapidly, which forces the air out of the neck of the bottle and propels the rocket.

Tinkering with The Cooper School (The Cooper School)

Student engineers will be given a design challenge and a selection of materials. They will create a design plan and then construct a model from the given materials to meet the design challenge. Teachers and students from The Cooper School will be guiding the young engineers with their designs.

Solar Cooking - so HOT, it's COOL! (The Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina)

Solar ovens are COOL to use in the classroom. Easy demonstration models at booth with directions and chocolate Hershey bar giveaways for making solar oven S’mores!

Science in Action with the Environment (Trident Technical College)

Get close to STEM: visit our petting zoo with live Madagascar hissing cockroaches for all ages, and explore environmental sampling with representatives from Trident’s environmental technician program. Then shift gears and test your senses with psychology activities and try to explain electrical demonstrations in engineering technology.

Wetland Filtration Exercise (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston District, will provide an overview of how water quality can affect soil and the ecosystem. Students can build a water filtration system out of a 2 liter bottles to learn about water quality and talk with biologists to learn how water quality affects soil.

USGBC SC STEM and Sustainable Design and Development (USGBC SC)

An interactive demonstration and hands-on activity learning about 3D Modeling and Solar Analysis as it relates to sustainable design and development.

Water Mission - Take a look at the Living Water Treatment System (Water Mission)

Water Mission is a Charleston-based engineering non-profit that provides safe water to communities around the world. We believe that everyone deserves to have the same quality of water that we do. We invite you to come learn about our best-in-class engineering and educational approach to solving the global water crisis.

Water for a Thirsty World (Water Mission Educators Think Tank)

Explore the water crisis in regions around the world where Water Mission is at work. Experience the water challenges faced by developing countries and places affected by natural disasters.

Design, Music and Coding (Yo Art Inc.)

Help the students understand the basics of coding through fun activities in music and design introducing them to HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding languages. Having fun while learning!!