2017 Exhibitors & Performers

4-H Science (4-H Science on the Move)

4-H Science On the Move is a statewide initiative from South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science and South Carolina 4-H. The initiative works with schools, afterschool programs, county 4-H clubs, and other youth organizations to provide education resources that are designed to increase students’ interest in and exposure to STEM.

4-H Youth Development, Clemson Extension (4-H, Connecting Youth to Nature)

4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. The South Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach, the involvement of caring adults, and the knowledge and resources of Clemson University and the land grant university system to empower youth to become healthy, productive, and contributing members of society.

AIA Charleston (Lego Bridge Building Challenge)

Join the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Charleston as we try to see who can build the strongest bridge out of Legos. You can try to recreate a famous bridge or you can design an innovative structure of your own!

American College of the Building Arts(More Than Just Books)

ACBA’s students and professors will be demonstrating the craft specializations we offer at our 4-year hands-on, liberal arts nonprofit college. Come see what can happen a person is the architect, engineer, contractor, and labor force all in one.

Berkeley County School District (Cultivating STEM in Berkeley County Schools)

Through STEM integration, innovation comes to life in the classroom! Join us to participate in hands-on activities that simulate STEM classrooms, programs and opportunities for learning in Berkeley County Schools.

Boeing (What Makes An Airplane Fly?)

Interactive hands-on STEM based exhibit featuring paper airplanes and model airplanes.



Carolina Studios (Mobile Studio)

Afterschool music technology program.

Charleston Battery (Stre.am)

The leading white label video platform which eliminates the technology barriers to live and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming — from consumer brands and media publishers to sports teams, events, businesses and more. The Stre.am platform can power truly independent live-first media businesses overnight, enabling any size organization to deliver high quality live video and VOD content on their one web and mobile properties.

Charleston Collegiate (Experience the Joy of Learning)

 Stop by the Charleston Collegiate booth and experience the exciting hands-on activities our students participate in everyday. 

Charleston County Government

Come explore where STEM can take you at Charleston County Government. The possibilities are endless. 

Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission

From seining near-shore organisms to peering at macroinvertebrates through microscopes, Charleston County’s environmental experts will excite and involve your budding scientists. Charleston County Park’s educators offer standards-based programs to about 35,000 students per year in a park system that contains nearly every habitat found in the Lowcountry.

Charleston County Public Library (Hair Raising Science!)

Discover how static electricity works with our Van de Graaff generator. (VDG)

Charleston County School District (STEM in Charleston County School District)

Providing a STEM trained workforce involves the entire community. Engaging students in STEM begins at an early age. CCSD STEM focused schools provide the initial spark and support for this community focused goal.

Charleston Fossil Adventures (Fossils of the SC Lowcountry)

Explore the world of prehistoric beasts that once roamed in South Carolina! Discover what our Earth’s vast geologic history can tell us about past life and the environments where they lived. Walk away with your very own fossil from South Carolina, identified by CFA’s paleontologist!

Charleston Southern University

Binary Bracelets
Learn the language of the computer – binary – through this hands-on activity. Create and take home a bracelet with your initial in binary!

Hack A Game
Do you want to learn how to hack a computer game by changing the code? Come and learn!

Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid; it has properties of both liquids and solids. You can slowly dip your hand into it like a liquid, but if you squeeze the oobleck or punch it, it will feel solid.

Math Games
This exhibit uses games to demonstrate basic mathematical principals.

What’s Behind Door Number 1? The Mathematics Behind “Let’s Make a Deal”
If a game show host asks if you’d like to switch your door, should you? The Monty Hall problem is an interesting example of a result that is true, but feels very counterintuitive.

Children's Museum of the Lowcountry (Hands-on, Minds-on STEAM)

Children and their families are invited to explore the integration of STEM & Art through our hands-on activities.

City of Charleston

City of Charleston.

Clemson University Restoration Institute (Come light up the Ravenel Bridge with your pedal power!)

Clemson University will have scientists and engineers from the Energy Innovation Center, the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, and the Digital Production Art’s Department. Come see how real-life scientists and engineers use their STEM education to make things happen!

Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute (The Youth Learning Institute)

Since 1934, YLI camps has provided an exciting summer camp experience for youth in South Carolina. We offer something for every child, including a marine science camp, an outdoor adventure camp, a shooting sports camp, a traditional camp, and technology camp. Campers come from all over the southeast to fly off the blob, or push their limits in nature, or learn more about minecraft.

College of Charleston Lowcountry Hall of Science and Math (Cougars STEM Den (College of Charleston))

Join us for an exciting day of science exploration. We will examine rocks, fossils and extinct animals that roamed the region; we will play with roboroaches and explore neuroprosthetics; we will modify streams and rivers to see how landscapes change; we will investigate energy, electricity, magnetism and optics; and finally we will explore computer science, the seafloor and math. 

Cultivate (Awesome Algae Art)

Observe images of these beautiful microscopic marine organisms and learn about their important roles in ecosystems and global climate patterns. Make your own algae ink prints from existing images or draw your own image to print. And chat with scientists and artists about the intersection of science and art for interpreting and understanding our natural world.

Cummins (Cummins Turbo Technologies)

Learn about turbochargers and how they help create more horsepower for vehicles. See a cut-away turbocharger to get an understanding of its inner workings. Learn about Planet Bonehead and the Solar Car Challenge and how we are bringing these STEM activities into the elementary schools. Disassemble a small engine to learn about how an internal combustion engine actually works.

Dorchester School District Two (STEAM /STEAM for the 21st Century)

We want to inspire younger people to become tomorrow’s innovators in science, technology, engineering, and maths.We will give our audience and participants the opportunity to obtain hands on experience, and meet fantastic role models. 

Engaging Creative Minds (STEM potions )

Do you want to be a scientist?  Come and engage with ECM as we guide you through several experiments using simple household items.  

Engineering for Kids Charleston (We do STEM!)

Engineering for Kids Charleston promotes FUN, hands on, learning through the engineering design process of building and testing!   We will have technology, robotics, and a building project ready for you! 

Friends of Coastal South Carolina (Bird Beak Buffet)

Students will learn about birds that might be seen in the area. They will also learn about bird beak adaptations and participate in a hands-on activity where they have to choose the best beak!

Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina (Connecting Girls to STEM)

Participants will use circuit boards to learn how electricity flows and powers objects.



Huntington Beach State Park (Come Out and Play)

Come and experience the dynamic ecosystems Huntington Beach State Park has to offer. Discover what it takes to become a Junior Ranger in some of the most productive environments in our coastal region. Stop by and play with one of our naturalist today!

Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities (Homemade Catapult)

Ready, aim, fire! Learn about physics as you build and modify your own catapult and launch cotton balls through the air! How far can you make your soft missiles soar?

Lowcountry Maritime Society (STEAM Boatbuilding)

LMS works to allign our programs with the curriculum that is already in use in our partner schools. We work with students and teachers in order to provide a well-rounded interdisciplinary experience through our hands on boatbuilding curriculum.

Lowcountry Stargazers (Safe Telescope Solar Viewing of the Sun)

Learn about our Sun and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. Look safely at the Sun through telescopes fitted with solar filters.

Medical University of South Carolina SCTR ( Inside the World of Research at MUSC)

MUSC researchers and students bring their scientific discoveries to your backyard! Come learn how these discoveries and innovations are being used to improve health outcomes and quality of life throughout the state of South Carolina (and beyond). And don’t forget to ask us about the many opportunities there are for you to get involved and make a difference!

MEL Science

MEL Chemistry is an educational kit for kids to help them study chemistry at home with parents. The US certified kit includes all the necessary equipment and reagents to make chemical experiments at home.

MUSC Gives Back Student Volunteer Program(Inspiring the Future of Healthcare through STEM Education)

MUSC Students will offer hands – on activities to demonstrate to local K-12 students how a STEM education shaped their future healthcare career choice!

MUSC Respiratory Care (Puff Puff Blow)

Why we should not smoke. 

MUSC Student National Dental Association (Whack-a-Molar)

Want to learn how STEM plays a role in dentistry? Come by our station and whack a molar to witness the link between science and dentistry.

NASA/SC Space Grant Consortium (Exploring the Upcoming 2017 Total Solar Eclipse)

Come explore what causes an eclipse? Through hands-on activities, we will investigate lunar and solar eclipses.

NOAA/NOS/NCCOS (NOAA Science and Education)

Join researchers from the local NOAA laboratory for hands-on activities ranging from phytoplankton to marine mammals. Information on educational and volunteer opportunities will also be available.

Nucor Steel Berkeley

Nucor is Engineering our Future Leaders!

Palmetto Scholars Academy (PSA's Mission Design Team Explores Neptune and Triton!)

Mission Design is a competition where it is required that students bring small science experiments and space knowledge to the general public. Students will perform a small experiment with people and then give a small giveaway to the person. An anonymous, 4-question survey is asked of participants about their preference for math and science.

Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum (Patriots Point Takes Flight with STEM!)

Join Patriots Point’s Flight Academy as we explore the four forces of flight. See if you have what it takes to pilot an F-35 fighter jet in our cutting edge flight simulators!

PLAYtek (Technology is key. Press Play.)

A hands on demonstration with littleBits and MaKey MaKey representative, Tom Noren.

Reforge Charleston (To Make is Magic)

Make projects that make magic come to life!

Rick Hendrick Automotive Group (Automobiles - A rolling science project)

Come and see high tech automobiles including electric vehicles and a race car! 

S2TEM Centers SC (Bristlebots)

Bristlebots are simple micro robots using a conventional tooth-brush head and micro motors. Bristlebots primary purpose is to make robotics education accessible and affordable. Bristlebots is a way where everyone, both young and mature, can dive into to the world of robotics.

SC Dept of Natural Resources (Marine Touch Tank)

Come see and touch some of the animals that live in the Charleston Harbor!  These animals will help us explore adaptations that organisms use to survive in their environment.

SC Governor's School for Science & Math (Robot Wars!)

Have you ever wanted to play with remote control robots? Come check out our Arduino robots that you can play with and learn about our summer camp opportunities! We may also have other STEM technologies set up for you to explore.

SCE&G (Safety City)

Learn how to be safe around electricity and natural gas with this interactive demonstration. Be sure to pick up a Safety City activity book to take home!

South Carolina Aquarium (SEA STEM with the South Carolina Aquarium)

Dive into fun, interactive activities to SEA STEM in action with the South Carolina Aquarium. 

South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and Clemson Extension ((Sometimes) Dirty Jobs in Marine and Coastal Science)

Come explore a few of the exciting careers in coastal and marine science at this hands-on exhibit! Staff from the South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium and Clemson Extension will share career-related information on topics such as water quality/pollution, coastal ecosystems/plants/animals, and fisheries. Information on fellowship opportunities will also be available.

SPAWAR (Network Cable Keychains and More!)

Come be a “SPAWAR ENGINEER FOR THE DAY,” using the tools and techniques to make your very own Network Cable Keychain!  Have fun learning about Networking and more at the SPAWAR Engineering Activity Booth! 

St. Andrew's School of Math and Science

St. Andrew’s School of Math and Science will have STEM based activities for children of all ages. Come check out what our amazing students, teachers and families are learning and doing in order to prepare our youth for STEM based careers.

The Center for Birds of Prey (The World of Birds of Prey)

Get an up close look at several live birds of prey and get your hands on a selection of bioartifacts. Ask questions of our educators related to the world of birds and their conservation.

The Charleston Museum

Study microscopic organisms, animal mounts, skeletons, bugs and more with the Charleston Museum. Learn about the exciting new changes to our Natural History Hall.

The Citadel

Contemporary Physics
Learn about the “laws” of physics through hands-on activities.

Fun Math Zone Guesstimating, Indirect Measurement, Probability, Mathemagic
Math is fun! The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science from The Citadel will provide many hands-on activities that demonstrate some interesting mathematics properties and formulas, and also show mathematics in art.

Chemical Demonstrations
Hands-on activities and demonstrations of modern materials.

Protozoans on Parade!
Look under the microscope to see living protists swimming in a drop of pond water. Then see if you can identify the protist and the body parts (organelles) they use. 

Design, Music and Coding (Yo Art Inc.)

Help the students understand the basics of coding through fun activities in music and design introducing them to HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding languages. Having fun while learning!!

The Iron Yard (Code Case)

Join The Iron Yard with for fun hands-on coding crafts and a chance to write some code of your own!

Tijuana flats


TRIDENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE (Electricity and Friendly Roaches.)

Enjoy an introduction to the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, a friendly, tame and harmless invertebrate and learn about basic electrical principles.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Wetlands:Nature's Water Filter)

A hands-on activity demonstrating how wetlands act as a water filter for nature. Students will be able to fill a filter system with rocks and watch as they filter dirty water.

United States Department of Agriculture (The Good, the Bad, and the Bugly: How to Become a Bug Detective.)

Protecting American Agriculture from Invasive Plant Pests.

USGBC (Learn To 3D Model a House)

Learn to 3D model a house and do a quick solar analysis to understand how shading the building saves energy.

Water Mission

Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization that designs, builds, and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Mission has used innovative technology and engineering expertise to provide access to safe water for more than 3.2 million people in 52 countries. Water Mission has 250 staff members working around the world in permanent country programs located in Africa, Asia, North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Water Mission Educators Think Tank (Water For A Thirsty World!)

Learn about the world water crisis. See the problem through our interactive photo wall. Learn about one solution through a hands-on filtering activity.

Yo Art Inc. (Demo with Coding Activities )

Yo Art inc. will demonstrate with hands-on participation by students various gaming and coding  activities.