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Special Guests

Dave Williams
Master of Ceremony for the Charleston STEM Festival’s Opening Event
Chief Meteorologist, WCIV ABC News 4

Check out Dave!

Ask A Meteorologist
Dave Williams, Stephanie Sine, and Rob Fowler

Do you want a STEM career in meteorology? Got a question to ask on what it takes to be a meteorologist? Meet our Lowcountry meteorologists, Dave Williams of WCIV ABC News 4, Stephanie Sine of WCSC CBS Live 5 News, and Rob Fowler of WCBD NBC News 2 and find out why meteorology is a STEM career.

Ask A Science Children’s Author
Kevin Kurtz

Do you like to write? What a STEAM (STEM & Arts) career in writing? Come find out how Kevin Kurtz, a science children’s author, uses creativity and takes scientific information to create children’s books. Ask Kevin about his background working with scientists and as a creative writer.

Kevin’s Website

Special Events & Performances

The Bosch Experience Powered by Mind Trekkers

LN2 Cloud and Explosion

Thank you Bosch for bringing Michigan Technological University’s Mind Trekkers road shows mission: to uncover the mysteries of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for students of all ages. Experience what it is like to have a 32-gallon garbage can filled with water shoot up over 25 feet in the air and cause a sky touching cloud with liquid nitrogen!

Mind Trekkers’ Video

Mind Trekkers’ Website

Ashley River Creative Arts

Coding a Dance from Scratch

Students will discuss the importance of coding, the basics of scratch coding and demonstrate algorithms and computational thinking through movement (that us coded). This is a hands-on experience that incorporates creative computing and design thinking, the audience will come away with a deeper understanding of STEAM and its relevance in our current and future world.

School’s Website

Charleston Sparks Dance Team

Charleston Sparks Dance Team consists of 1st through 8th grade girls who will share the art of dance team with the community. By utilizing either common or unique choreography, the team exhibits live, mathematical sequences of steps and movements to music that depicts the genres of pom pom, hip hop and jazz.

Charleston Sparks Video

Charleston Sparks Dance Team’s Website

AXE Chemistry Magic Show

College of Charleston’s Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemistry Fraternity

We perform several chemistry experiments and explain the principles behind the “magic.” We aim to get children interested in stem by showing them how exciting science can be.

Alpha Chi Sigma’s Website

Salt Marsh Nature Walk

Kevin Kurtz, Science Children’s Author

Meet Kevin at Brittlebank Park’s boardwalk as he leads you on a nature walk to talk about the science of salt marshes and how it inspired him to write A Day in the Salt Marsh.

Kevin’s Website

STEAM Think Tank – Animation Station

Brought to by Engaging Creative Minds

Discover your inner creativity where you’ll dream it up and design it using the latest software and technology. Learn artistic techniques & design strategies from ECM’s STEAM team tech experts as we explore the wonderful world of ANIMATION.

STEM Educator of the Month

Brought to you by WCIV ABC News 4, Lowcountry STEM Collaborative & Panera Bread

Who will be selected as the “STEM Educator of the Month? Come meet the winner!

Nominate A STEM Educator of the Month

songs for seeds Charleston

Come Join the Band!

songs for seeds is not only about the music (although our music really rocks)! At songs for seeds we engage kids all while laying the foundation of early childhood education through musical activities. In each songs for seeds class, your child will hear music from a different region of the world, be exposed to a variety of rhythm patterns, and be given the opportunity and space to experiment with singing and playing real instruments. We reinforce their knowledge of colors and shapes, focus on single digit numbers and practice counting. Additionally, we highlight animal recognition through animated impressions of their sounds and movements. Most importantly, in songs for seeds, we play and have fun.

songs for seeds video

songs for seeds’ Website