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Dave Williams
Dave WilliamsChief Meteorologist, WCIV ABC News 4
Master of Ceremony for the Charleston STEM Festival’s Opening Event

Special Events & Performances


Thank you Bosch for bringing Michigan Technological University’s Mind Trekkers road shows mission: to uncover the mysteries of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) for students of all ages. Ever wonder what a cloud in a bottle looks like? Have you ever felt the force of a vacuum? Science doesn’t always have to be serious. Come learn how certain scientific properties lead to some impressive visual displays. You are sure to be blown away!


“Phone Frug”

Dance Lab’s performance is a piece that makes several STEM related connections through the art of dance. The movement is modeled directly after choreographer Bob Fosse’s style. Fosse created a dance form based on very specific body angles, lines and positions. Mastering the movement becomes quite mathematical because our dancers have to be very exact in their movements. Without mastering the exact body positions, one does not master the art form that is Bob Fosse. The style of tap is also incorporated into the piece. In order to be an efficient (and entertaining) tapper, dancers must be able to count specific beats and stay at specific tempos to create the syncopation needed to produce the exact right sound for the piece.The dance as a whole also relates to the world that we live in, which is full of ever-changing technology. Specifically, the dance draws attention to smart phones (and selfie sticks), and how they have changed the culture of our tech scene and every day lives. The technology of the cell phone effects how we live day to day. It also has a huge impact on how we interact with others, see the world, and view events we observe. The piece is an artistic interpretation of these effects, displayed through dance.


Charleston Sparks Dance Team consists of 1st through 8th grade girls, and strives to share the art of dance team with the community while simultaneously enhancing the experience of its youth members. By utilizing either common or unique choreography, the team exhibits live, mathematical sequences of steps and movements. Spatial relationships are examined by our coach in order to execute a successful routine with our 25 dancers. Our dancers are asked to showcase their learned sequences, or choreography, in unison to specific time and rhythm in music that depicts the genres of pom, hip hop and jazz, thus broadening their insight to the art of dance team. Additionally, when our dancers perform, it may not be obvious, but they are continuously embarking on a journey of trial and error within the laws of physics. A dancer must use precise weight placement and leverage to execute specific technical moves. Since dance is a moving art, dancers utilize their skills from everyday practice to execute an appropriate performance. Mistakes are made when the physics of a sequence of movements are challenged. Our dancers must then react instantaneously to continue their live performance, given pre-performance advice to “move on” and not dissect the problem that occurred. The sole purpose of performance dance is to share movement art with an audience. The kind of movement art the audience will experience, will solely depend on the mathematical and emotional creativity of the choreographer combined with the physical performance of the dancer.

Charleston Sparks Video

Charleston Sparks Dance Team’s Facebook Page

College of Charleston’s Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemistry Fraternity

We perform several chemistry experiments and explain the principles behind the “magic.” We aim to get children interested in STEM by showing them how exciting science can be.


Dance pieces that highlight the intersection between STEM and the arts.


“Let’s Get Rockin’”

Bach to Rock instructors and students will get you moving with some upbeat tunes!We teach a full curriculum that does teach the connection between playing an instrument and the science of it all. We also fully believe in the musicality and art of the music that we play.