At the Charleston County Public Library almost every program we present in the Children’s Department has an element of STEM involved, or better yet, STEAM. Art, and the imagination and creativity it promotes, is necessary to all the other components of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. This month at the Library, along with programs focusing on the beauty of snowflakes (Art), making holiday decorations using things found in nature (Science), and helping students with online research, (Technology), we are going to take our math skills to the kitchen.

Cooking is a fun way to introduce advanced math concepts to young children, such as fractions, estimation, and comparing. Mindful cooking with children is an opportunity to talk about topics as varied as foreign countries, what taste buds are for, new vocabulary words, and healthy living. All this while making something appetizing to eat!

On Tuesday, December 15th, at the Main Library on Calhoun Street, we will be making several special holiday themed treats, and talking about math. Children will be able to learn about estimating while trying to figure out how many raisins are in a cup of raisin cereal. While mixing ingredients like chocolate chips, pretzels, and coconut, we will talk about predicting, measuring, and the combination of salty and sweet on our tongues. And through it all, we get the satisfaction of knowing that we made something tasty to share with friends.