Your public library has so many resources available to support STEM education. In addition to books, magazines and reference materials in the library, many now offer online resources including e-books, e-magazines and research databases.

CCPL STEM related books

The Charleston County Public LIbrary has many STEM-related books and magazines as well as free online resources for library patrons, including e-magazines, science ebooks for K5 students, and a science research database for middle and high school students.

The Charleston County Public Library now offers free STEM ebooks from Sylvan Dell (for students K5 primarily) and a science database, Science In Context, which allows middle and high school students to research science topics.  We will have a handout on the STEM related e magazines we offer.   We will have a handout on the Sylvan Dell e books for children. The library also has a number of e-magazines which can be conveniently downloaded to a computer or portable device; some of the STEM related e-magazines offered are Astronomy, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Discover, Macworld, PC World, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science and Science

Learn about these STEM resources and downloadable products by visiting or call 805-6930.