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Exhibitor Registration

All exhibitors should review the Exhibitor Information & FAQ document prior to completing this form.

Early bird registration available through December 14, 2018
Registration is due January 11, 2019 
**Are you primarily interested in promoting STEM careers or specific training and academic pathways within your organization? If so, our Career Concourse festival area might be a more appropriate space for your exhibit. Click here to go to the Career Concourse application.
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Contact Info

Exhibit Information

 Exhibitors will be provided with a 10’ x 10’ exhibit space, a 6 foot table, two chairs, 2 STEM Festival t-shirts, and electrical access. 

If you would like additional space, see Partnership Packet Options.


Registration fee for government agencies, nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions: 

  • Early Bird Fee due December 14, 2018 - $150
  • Registration Fee due January 11, 2019 - $250

If nonprofit or not-for-profit, please provide your organization’s tax ID number. 

Registration fee for For-Profit business and organizations:

  • Early Bird Fee due December 14, 2018 - $250
  • Registration Fee due January 11, 2019 - $350

Payment Options

The Charleston STEM Festival is an excellent way to market your business and tell over 10,000 attendees that you support STEM education!

If you are paying online by credit card, click here to pay, then return back to this form to submit your registration.

Cancellation Policy After February 8, 2019:

After February 8th, the registration fee is non-refundable if you cancel your exhibit space. The fee you paid will be taken as a "donation" to the Charleston STEM Festival.

Exhibitor Agreement

We wish to participate as an exhibitor at the Charleston STEM Festival and agree to the following terms;
• Include highly, interactive STEM/STEAM activities targeted at the K-12 grade and young adult level.
• Register and set up between 7:45 AM and 9 AM and breakdown no earlier than 3 PM.
• Bring banner or sign and tablecloth for our exhibit.
• Park in designated exhibitor parking area displaying the festival’s parking pass on our dashboard.
• If selling merchandise at exhibit, 10% of sales will be donated to the Lowcountry STEM Collaborative.
•Adhere to exhibit times of 10 AM - 3 PM. No early take-down of exhibit.
• Not give out BALLOONS, STICKERS, CANDY OR CONFETTI-TYPE materials or you will be charged a clean-up fee.
• Clean up our exhibit area by 3:30 PM.
• Abide by the Cancellation Policy.

Authorized Exhibitor Representative:
By typing your name in the eSignature, you agree to abide by the Exhibitor Agreement. Failure to comply affects your ability to participate in future festivals.

All exhibitors should review the Exhibitor Information & FAQ document prior to completing this form.

Note: Click on the “Submit” button to submit your registration.You will receive a confirmation notice after you click submit. In addition, you will received an email with the details of your registration.