Trash Can Art

Augmenting the fair was a display coordinated by Les Schwartz, media resource specialist at TCC . Titled “Trash Can: Giving Old Objects New Life” this display demonstrated and encouraged recycling and promoted the college’s TTC Green initiatives.

As part of the inaugural Charleston STEM Festival, TTC hosted a family STEM night. On display were hands-on exhibits from various STEM-related areas of the college, including biological and physical sciences, engineering, fitness specialist, psychology, and veterinary technology.

Despite the poor weather, more than 120 attendees helped to extract DNA from strawberries, explored the microscopic world with wireless technology, investigated properties of dry ice, tested mechanical devices and directed solar panels to follow light, discussed and explored veterinary applications with experts, assessed body muscle mass and fat content, explored their senses and analytical abilities, and inspected preserved brains. Mel Goodwin, STEM coach at Laing Middle School of Science and Technology, joined in the fun, demonstrating the use and applications of 3-D printer technology.