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Description of Stage Performance: 

 Company/Organization Name:  Performance Title: Description:  Stage:
 Charleston Sparks Dance Team  Charleston Sparks Dance Team  Charleston Sparks Dance Team, consisting of 1st through 11th grade girls, strives to share the art of dance team with the community while simultaneously enhancing the experience of its youth members. By utilizing either common or unique choreography, the team exhibits live, mathematical sequences of steps and movements. Spatial relationships are examined by our coach in order to execute a successful routine with our 20 dancers. MAIN
 Howe Hall Arts Infused Magnet School  Hey Siri!  The AIMS Dance Company and AIMS Players will perform portions of their Fall technology themed show. STEAM
 University of South Carolina Center for Science Education/Storytree Theatre  What Happens When STEAM Happens: Performing a Design Challenge through Experiential Theatre This performance, directed by science and arts integration specialist, Dr. Merrie Koester, and Storytree Theatre founder, Teralyn Reiter, will feature an experiential theatre performance by Coastal Montessori Charter School’s seventh and eighth grade students and their teachers as they explore their emerging identities by taking on a design task, whose successful completion requires a STEAM approach to problem solving. STEAM
 University of South Carolina Center for Science Education/Storytree Theatre STEAM Super Heroes to the Rescue: Inventing the Gigglemeter This first ever STEAM Theatre SC performance will feature the collaborative efforts of science and arts integration specialist, Dr. Merrie Koester, community STEM education professionals (mostly from the College of Charleston) and Storytree Theatre artist Nakeisha Daniel in a performance that shows STEAM problem solving in action across the generations.  Sound system that will pick up several areas of the stage would be best. STEAM
 American Music System Charleston, Inc.  Charleston Youth Fiddlers and LASO (Lowcountry American String Orchestra) This is a group of young string players who play American folk and classical music.  The American Music System relates music education to American history and culture.  STEAM
 Songs for Seeds Charleston  Come Join the Band!  At songs for seeds, kids newborn to six sing, dance, and play along with a live three-piece rock band.  During our performances, we hand out kid instruments so that they can play along and at the end of every class/event, we invite them up to play with the band’s actual instruments.  Studies have proved that children learn through play and that early introduction to music aids in their cognitive development. STEAM
 Mr. Rocky Music Enrichment for Children  Mr. Rocky Music Enrichment  Mr. Rocky incorporates hands participation with children and adults, while singing songs that equip children with fundamentals of Math, Biology, and Nature.  STEAM
 College of Charleston  Science Magic Show  The performance is STEM related as it involves presenting a variety of science demonstrations (acid-base indicator experiments, density demonstrations, color changing reactions, dry ice experiments) in a fun, exciting show.  MAIN