The 2nd Annual Charleston STEM Fest kicks-off February 7, 2015 with a free, all-day event at Brittlebank Park in Charleston.  

This annual event, which is an initiative of the Lowcountry STEM Collaborative, will highlight the many local STEM education initiatives and allow children and families to explore exhibits and interactive demonstrations hosted by the collaborating organizations as well as local industries, non-profits and educational institutions in the area.

STEM Festivals are an exciting way to bring STEM concepts to the community and demonstrate how STEM education and careers are vital for our local economy. Festivals bring STEM education into surprising places in unexpected ways—so they reach a broad and diverse audience. Research has found that over three-quarters of science festival attendees report the event made science learning fun for them. And, festivals light a spark in those who participate, leading attendees to seek out additional science experiences throughout the year, and programming partners to develop new collaborations.

Charleston STEM Fest  – Explore hands-on exhibits, meet with scientists and engineers, attend free public lectures … find out just how much fun STEM can be!


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